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Spin Off Magazine Spring 2024

Spin Off Magazine Spring 2024

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refer to depth of shade as we intuitively describe color, or we might use it to describe specific dye measurements. This common but always evocative color-theory idea was the inspiration for this annual color issue of Spin Off.

This color issue is packed with articles and projects about the search for color and making use of simple tools to expand our palette potential! Natural dyer Jane Woodhouse resurfaces Fred Gerber’s investigative approach to natural dyeing and shows how to use it to explore dyes, mordants, and assists in today’s more ecologically friendly dyepots. Even using her typical dyestuffs, she found some surprises! Mary Berry uses acid dyes to dig into saturation, value, and the difference between the two—a must read if you want to develop more control over color.

While living in Morocco, author Irene Waggener learned a traditional sock construction that is knit-to-fit. That’s right—no gauge measurements! She added a simple colorwork motif to create the perfect slipper sock for handspun leftovers. Louie García shares some of the cotton and color histories that connect his current textile work with his Pueblo community and traditions. Hear from Karida Collins of Neighborhood Fiber Co. about finding color inspiration in her cityscape, see Riley Kleve’s blending ratio results, and so much more!


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